The Painter Lab is a research group within the Applied Physics Department at the California Institute of Technology focusing on the physics and application of quantum photonic devices. Prof. Oskar Painter leads the group, which consists of a team of students and post-docs from both engineering and physics backgrounds.  Research within the Painter Lab currently focuses on several inter-related topics — superconducting quantum circuits for quantum information processing and quantum simulation, the quantum physics of mesoscopic mechanical objects, hybrid superconducting and acoustic quantum circuits, and precision optomechanical sensors. We have facilities for optics and low temperature physics experiments, and also maintain a state-of-the-art nanofabrication facility for the in-house development of novel devices.

Waveguide QED

Conventional waveguide quantum electrodynamics (waveguide QED) studies collective interaction of quantum emitters in the presence of a one-dimensional (1D) radiation channel.​

Superconducting Metamaterials

Metamaterials can be used to synthesize an almost magical set of electromagnetic responses, including extreme slowing of the velocity of light, waves which bend (refract) in the ‘wrong’ direction when passing through an interface of two materials, or beams of light which focus rather than spread (diffract) as they propagate forward.

Hybrid Superconducting Circuits

Our focus within this project is to integrate superconducting and acoustic quantum circuits; thereby bringing together the quantum non-linearity found in Josephson-junction based microwave electrical qubits and the ultra-long coherence time of microwave acoustic resonators recently demonstrated in the Painter group.​

Quantum Optomechanics

Using optical techniques, we are studying the quantum mechanical properties of nanomechanical structures.​

Optomechanical Sensors

Using optical techniques, we are studying the quantum mechanical properties of nanomechanical structures.​

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