Oskar Painter, Rm. 266 Watson, opainter (at) caltech (dot) edu.

Place and Time:

Tu 14:30-16:00, Th 14:30-16:00, 104 Watson.

Course Syllabus, Policies, and Schedule:

APh_150b_2016_17_QMC_CS (pdf)


Arian Jadbabaie, Rm. 275 Watson, ajadbaba (at) caltech (dot) edu.

Office Hours:

O. Painter: Tuesday evenings, 4-5pm, 266 Watson (or by appointment).
A. Jadbabaie: Wednesday evenings, 6-7pm, 275 Watson.


“Quantum Measurement and Control,” by Howard M. Wiseman and Gerard J. Milburn (WM2010). Caltech ebook:

“Quantum Measurement Theory and its Applications,” by Kurt Jacobs. Caltech ebook:


“A Computation Toolbox for Quantum and Atomic Optics,” originally by Sze M. Tan [QuTip]

Homework and Handouts:

Week 1: Jan. 5 (OM)

HW#1, due 1/12/2017 (pdf).

Week 2: Jan. 10 (lecture #1), Jan. 12 (no lecture)

Week 3: Jan. 17 (lecture #2), Jan. 19 (lecture #3)

HW#2, due 1/24/2017 (pdf).

Week 4: Jan. 24 (lecture #4), Jan. 26 (lecture #5)

HW#3, due 2/2/2017 (pdf).

Gleyzes, et al., “Quantum jumps of light recording the birth and death of a photon in a cavity,” Nature, doi:10.1038/nature05589, 2007 (pdf).

JM Geremia, “Deterministic and Nondestructively Verifiable Preparation of Photon Number States,” Phys. Rev. Lett., v97, art. 073601, 2006 (pdf).

Sayrin, et al., “Real-time quantum feedback prepares and stabilizes photon number states,” Nature, doi:10.1038/nature10376, 2011 (pdf).

Week 5: Jan. 31 (lecture #5), Feb. 2 (lecture #6)

HW#4, due 2/9/2017 (pdf).

Week 6: Feb. 7 (lecture #7), Feb. 9 (lecture #8)

HW#5, due 2/16/2017 (pdf).

S. L. Braunstein and Carlton M. Caves, “Statistical Distance and the Geometry of Quantum States,” Phys. Rev. Lett., v72, pp. 3439-3443, 1994 (pdf).

Week 6: Feb. 14 (lecture #9), Feb. 16 (lecture #10)

M. Armen, et al., “Adaptive Homodyne Measurement of Optical Phase,” Phys. Rev. Lett., v89, art. 133602, 2002 (pdf).

H. M. Wiseman, “Adaptive Phase Measurements of Optical Modes: Going Beyond the Marginal Q Distribution,” Phys. Rev. Lett., v75, pp. 4587-4590, 1995 (pdf).

Mike Armen’s PhD thesis (pdf).

Week 8:

Crook and Kimble, “Possibility of Direct Observation of Quantum Jumps.” (pdf)

Nagourney, Sandberg, and Dehmelt, “Shelved Optical Electron Amplifier: Observation of Quantum Jumps.” (pdf)

Berquist, Hulet, Itano, and Wineland, “Observation of Quantum Jumps in a Single Atom.” (pdf)